iPhone Losing its Grip?

With smaller crowds than usual buying one of the new iPhones on launch day, people are wondering: where’s the hype?

Previous iPhone releases had Apple stores packed from early morning to evening, with those wanting to get their mitts on Apple’s newest phone right away. However, this year’s reaction has been somewhat smaller than the last, with as little as 30 people queueing for the new phone in Sydney. A similar trend was happening throughout China and Europe. Queues in London’s Regent Street store were far smaller than previous years.

Bit awkward given the fact there are about 12 people there. But then we compare that to three years ago, at the release of the iPhone 6:

There’s been a substantial decline in the demand for the iPhone it seems. Who knows? Maybe people are catching on to the fact they’re just taking stuff out.

Or perhaps the big spenders are waiting for the £999 iPhone X. Just to mention it’s $999 too. Because that’s how many conversions works now.

I blame Brexit. Or corporate gain, take your pick.

We’ll report when the X comes out, but so far, it’s not looking good.