Is Benjamin Dean’s “The King is Dead” Worth the Read?

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22 March 2023

By Caitlan

The King is Dead is a queer and scandalous book involving the royal family and racism. It’s about a 17-year-old boy called James and he is the next king. It is up to James to lead Britain and to be the country’s first black king. However, the population of the country he is set to rule are extremely racist; criticising everything he does, with racial intentions. They try to overthrow him and expose most of his (and his family’s) secrets in newspapers but it’s up to him to figure out who is working for the other side.

The King is Dead is filled with unexpected plot twists and a storyline which will keep you hooked until the unguessable ending. It represents racism in Megan Markle’s situation with the public and how people judge Camilla because of how she looks, most of the time comparing her to young Diana. The story also shows how gullible the British public is. It shows how they judge anything people in the spotlight do and believe anything before hearing the full side of the story or any evidence against it.

The King is Dead is packed with queer, black and adoptee representation and is a great read when you want to read a book that’s very similarly written to ‘gossip girl’. The book is very well written and the plot is very thought out. However, I think James should’ve ended up with the other love interest, he was more fitting for him and a better match. Reading the epilogue and the last few pages made it hard to read, but I don’t regret reading this book.

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