Is Bieber Engaged?

It is usually painfully difficult to discover anything about Justin Bieber’s love life. The star ensures that the media can never be 100% certain about his relationship status or exactly who he is dating and if Selena Gomez is in the picture somehow. Well, supporters of #jelena will be devastated to know that Justin is engaged to model Hailey Baldwin, according to US media.

According to TMZ, Bieber proposed at a resort in the Bahamas. His security instructed staff at the resort to put away their phones before the big moment.

Similarly to his romance with Selena Gomez, the road to engagement to Hailey Baldwin has been on-and-off. They dated briefly in the past and have only recently found each other again.

His father, Jeremy Bieber, posted a cryptic Instagram that seemed to celebrate a milestone in the singer’s life.

Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother, also expressed her excitement:

Hailey Baldwin is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, star of films such as The Usual Suspects and Born on the Fourth of July. Her uncle is Alec Baldwin who appeared in The Hunt for Red October. In her own professional life, Baldwin has featured in style magazines like American Vogue and Marie Claire as well as several music videos.

Hopefully, the rumours prove to be true and the wedding takes place soon. It would be nice for there to be two royal weddings in 2018..