Is it All GLEEful on the Set of Glee?

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8 May 2014

By Bronwen

Confusion is rife amongst the Gleeks, as rumours regarding tensions between the cast members on Glee have emerged. It has been said that Naya Riviera, who plays Santana Lopez, has fell out with star of the show Lea Michelle, who plays the bossy yet somehow loveable Rachel Berry. Supposedly, the two actresses had some sort of dispute, resulting in the directors firing Riviera from the show!
But don’t worry, it was all just a rumour and there is no truth to any of it. The Gleeks will still have their favourite fiesty ex-cheerleader, as Fox have confirmed that she is still contracted to the show.
HOWEVER, although the allegation that Riviera is fired is definitely untrue, a source has reported that there have been one or two feuds. We cannot promise that these things actually happened, but a source has spoke out rather maliciously about Lea’s treatment of Naya Riviera.
Apparently, Michelle has been so used to being top dog on the show that she is deliberately causing a conflict with Riviera in order to “keep her in her place”. But Riviera is not about to back down, as she supposedly fights back and has become a lot more “vocal”in making her feelings known. The source went on to say that Lea Michelle deliberately holds up the filming to get attention, and the producers and other cast members are tired of waiting for her to show up to rehearsals and filming. But whether this actually happened is uncertain, but one thing is for certain: no one has been fired from the cast!

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