Is Justin Bieber Trying to Tell Us Something?

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30 November 2013

By Bronwen

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For the past few weeks, pop sensation Justin Bieber has been posting a new song on his “Music Mondays”, but they don’t seem to be too cheerful. Biebs kicked it all off with the stunning track ‘Heartbreaker’, the lightened the mood with ‘All That Matters’ and ‘Hold Tight’. But from that, his songs have had a sad and depressed mood to them:

  • Recovery
  • Bad Day
  • All Bad
  • Alone
  • PYD
  • Rollercoaster
  • Change Me

But is this Justin having a hard time or is he generally becoming more sophisticated and making an effort to show everyone he’s not the same cheesy pop star her was in 2011? Personally, I think Justin is an extremely talented musician and I love some of his music like ‘Die In Your Arms,’ ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and ‘Heartbreaker.’ However, I never judge a song by the artist and always by the song itself.

The evolution from 16 year old, innocent Biebs to Bad Boy Justin has really worked on some people. I regularly see comments like this on his videos:

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bieber gfvfggvf

And I really Believe (excuse the pun) that Justin Bieber is no longer a Baby (and that one), but a young musician trying to earn respect and make it in his tough industry. As he has grown up, his target audience has expanded and there really is something for everyone in Bieber’s collection. All Around The World (last pun, I swear), people are starting to warm to JB’s music, however maybe not his Bad Boy antics…




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