With a circulation of about 113,320 readers, there is no doubt that Sugarscape is an extremely popular news site. With its content aimed at young teenage girls, most articles consist of either celebrity gossip, fashion advice, or discussions about a multitude of different ‘lads’. While the writers are not teenagers themselves, they tend to write perfectly for their audience, staying constantly up to date with the most popular trends, likes and dislikes of the modern day. However, it can sometimes be a little bit too cringey, particularly for the older reader.

Never failing to produce hilarious memes and edits to go alongside their stories, Sugarscape is undoubtedly the basis for much entertainment. A particular favourite is their obsession with Mean Girls, so much so that they were able to announce that Lacey Chabert AKA Gretchen Weiners is expecting a child – we didn’t even know her real name, never mind what she’s doing with her life over 10 years after the film was released. However, it’s still pretty interesting, and of course they managed to get a joke in there too about Chabert’s wedding:

FYI: the wedding did not occur on a Wednesday, so the bride did not wear pink.

Despite this, there are some downfalls to Sugarscape’s content. While it is amusing and interesting for girls of a certain age, and does have some content for other readers, it is definitely not a website that caters for everyone. It’s also important to note that not every teenage girl wants to read about boys or celebrities, minimalising its readership further. It’s likely that, while it is a good website that many people do enjoy, a lot of its circulation is likely to be to do with its excessive posting of articles and sharing of them via every social network website that you can imagine.

So, if you do fit the category of a young teenage girl who enjoys celebrity news, fashion, beauty and boys, then chances are that you will love this website. However, it is otherwise unlikely, though you should give it a try before you decide for definite. Take a look here.