Is the 5C as good as you think?

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7 July 2014

By Jess

I recently got my very first iPhone for my 16th birthday, I got the new Iphone 5C. I was scared to get it with all the rumours I heard, rumours that they were exploding, overheating etc. But to be honest I think they are great! You can get them in lots of different colours; coral pink for example>

They are really easy to use and have brand new features that the 5S doesn`t (e.g. LED flash). It’s so exciting to use its lightweight which is a good and bad thing, (good as it`s not heavy so you can just keep it in your pocket without it weighing you down, bad because as a lot of clumsy people, just like me, keep forgetting they have it in their hand and drop it. My heart beats a thousand times a second as I pick it up to see the damage only to see it`s perfectly fine and I awkwardly walk away trying to pretend I hadn’t just had a mini mental breakdown in public. There are more positives than negatives when it comes to the 5C the bright illuminous colours, the amazing bright and fresh new apps to download at your pleasure. The faster connection you get the better, internet is faster and better than ever.

But the negatives on the 5C is how easily it scratches as it’s quite ridiculous really. I have two big scratches on my screen already after just two weeks.  Also sometimes it gets really warm and freezes, which is never a good thing especially when you are in the middle of getting some juicy gossip from one of your mates. But yes the Iphone 5C is a fantastic new and improved phone that I would recommend to anyone.


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