Is…This Legal?

Boy is it great to be alive in the US right now. I’m really not sure if I’m being sarcastic here.

Taco Bell, a nationwide fast food chain in America, which was ironically named the healthiest of the fast food lot, has just released its newest menu item.

Should we be scared? Should we be horrified? Or should we just be very hungry?

It might also interest you that the company that owns Taco Bell owns KFC. Coincidence? We think not. Who else would have the power to shape and craft chicken into a taco shell?

The Naked Chicken Chalupa will be coming to chains in the States on the 26th of January, with the tag line:

“Kicked up with bold Mexican spices and seasoning, and is packed with fresh shredded lettuce, diced ripe tomatoes, cheddar cheese and creamy avocado ranch.”

Of course, in times like this, we turn to Twitter for some deductive reasoning.

Or not.

I am already 100% done with the Internet. And it’s only just Wednesday.