Let’s be brief for a moment.

We all know why boobs exist, right? Biologically, they’re there so a mother can feed her children when they’re really really young. That’s simple science. Basic knowledge.

So, why is it, I wonder, that breastfeeding is looked down upon so harshly? Why is it, that if a mother is nursing her newborn, she has to sit in a bathroom. Or go to a dedicated place where you are allowed to.

Well, in response to these bewildering questions, a Victoria’s Secret model has made it her goal to expose the double standard when it comes to breasts.

Maria Corry is a mother who recently posted a few photos in an attempt to pin down the double standard that so long as breasts are being shown for any purpose other than their natural function, the image would not be taken down.

This was her first image:


That’s what I (and every other person with Year 4 education) said!

She reported that at least five of her friends had flagged the photo for nudity. The image wasn’t taken down, but to really hammer the nail into the proverbial coffin, she then uploaded this one:


And from a rather long paragraph nailing the reasons as to why the double standard exists, we have this rather fitting quote:

“I bet this won’t be reported, because you can see this picture in every mall you step into, huge and blown up outside the store. This is not frowned upon, or ever reported, as it is seen everywhere. But a woman nurturing and feeding their baby is looked down on. That is completely absurd!'”

I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself. (Partially because I don’t have a child… or breasts.)