J-Law Makes Top 40

28 November 2014

By Yasmine

Jennifer Lawrence has jumped onto the music bandwagon after singing ‘The Hanging Tree’ by James Newton Howard which features on her new movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The lyrics to the track were written by Susanne Collins, the author of the ‘Hunger Games’ book series. The Silver Linings actor is currently at number 29 in the mid-week charts.

What is it with actors thinking they can sing all of a sudden? With the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez starting out as actors, its clear Jennifer Lawrence wanted her chance to bel out some tunes. But two can play at that game with the likes of Rita Ora, Ludacris and Beyoncé all having a pop at acting.

But it’s not just singers and actors stealing each other’s jobs, our very own Lewis Hamilton has now hit the music studios. The F1 winner has been in the studio and has been “Writing a lot after having dark days and relationship issues”. He may have been influenced by singer and girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger but he admitted that he has always loved music and has been deeply influenced by Michael Jackson and Jay Z. What next? Wayne Rooney becoming the next Nigella Lawson? Shouldn’t we all stick to what we are good at? Instead of sponsors on the side of Lewis’ F1 car, it will be mixtapes and a free download link to his tracks.

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