John Oliver

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight’s reimagining of Pence’s story Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President has outsold the original on the Amazon charts.

Pence’s version is currently at number three in the charts, with Oliver’s version sitting at the top and the audiobook sitting at number two. Last Week Tonight, writer Jill Twiss and illustrator E G Keller created Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. 

But, it was done with one major difference. That being the main character in Oliver’s story is gay. It’s a story of a boy rabbit who falls in love with another boy rabbit, just to really stick it to Mike Pence’s archaic views on the LGBT community.

John Oliver’s book sits at a hefty 4,000 reviews too, all of which praise it for its inclusivity and for Pence’s, your average review looks like this:

‘The thought of owning this book and putting money anywhere near Mike Pence and his family makes me sick. I’ll return this book instead and buy the John Oliver book to support things that I care about.

Don’t buy this book. Don’t support bigotry and hatred.’

Oliver’s fan base loves the reimagining and even had one review praising his work with the LGBT charities The Trevor Project and AIDS United.