Justice League: New Screenshots

If it was any grittier it’d be a black screen.

DC’s Justice League releases next year, and the images keep on coming. Zack Snyder had given us a look at some more of the set images, after revealing last week what the Batman’s suit would look like. The two images feature the director himself and the first look at JK Simmons as Gordon.

Simmons spoke of his time brief time on set, and that most of his time was spent with Ben Affleck, who plays Batman.

“They are filming for basically most of 2016,” he said, “so some of the superheroes are still at work in jolly old London, but I’m back home with my family.”

The Justice League will, for the first time, see Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash and Aquaman all together on the same screen. Simmons’s screen time will apparently reflect his relationship with the Dark Knight, as a way to “introduce him”.

“It was a really fun set.”

It was also revealed by DC that Warner Bros were now actively making a sequel to the 2013 movie Man of Steel which started the mess that is the DC cinematic universe.

Check out the screenshots below:



Should we just set ourselves up for disappointment now? Or what?