After his recent Twitter feuding with ex-girlfriends and fellow music artists, Kanye West is the singer on everybody’s lips. But it’s not just in the Twittersphere that West seems to be causing quite the stir; the rapper’s diva-like antics have once again caused an upset in the fashion world – and right in time for New York fashion week!

The singer will be showcasing the third season of his edgy streetwear collection ‘Yeezy’ during New York Fashion week, coinciding with the debut of his newest album ‘Waves.’ Kanye frustrated fashion week organisers and fashion designers alike by dropping the bomb that he would launch his OTT Yeezy event at 4pm on the first day of fashion week. Despite show time slots being booked months in advance, the clash with Kanye’s event forced J. Crew designer Marissa Webb to reschedule her show which was also at 4pm. Adam Selman was also forced to reschedule his show due to Kanye’s disruptive behaviour. Marissa Webb’s PR team issued the statement that the show time was being updated “Due to unforeseen circumstances” and went on to indirectly reference Kanye’s antics, saying “Sorry for making ‘waves.’”

It appears that West has a history for making waves within the fashion world; last season, he also announced his show at  the last minute, clashing completely with streetwear designer Anne Bowen’s show which would debut her latest collection. Unlike Webb, Bowen was much less forgiving about being forced to ‘roll with the waves’ by Kanye, saying that “Kanye knows he is a media sensation and it is just not ethical to do this” and describing her rescheduled show as a “logistical nightmare.”