Katie Hopkins Reformed?

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2 September 2014

By Bronwen

It seems like an age ago when the nation was raving on about Katie Hopkins’ ban from television but now she’s back with a brand new show. Katie Hopkins to Fat and Back will air in January on TLC and should hopefully show us a new side to the snobby business woman. Katie has revealed that she is beginning to empathise with the emotional issues with weight that both extremely fat people (people who she previously would not employ) and extremely skinny people experience.

This must be a huge obstacle that Hopkins has overcome in her personal life and the character development from fat-hating to compassion in such a short space of time is really something to be admired. The fact that she is involved in a TV show to try and teach people that anyone can reach their weight goals is evidence enough that Katie Hopkins may be turning over a new leaf.

It’s likely that she will never earn the whole nation’s trust, but what she is doing may relieve her of the nation’s hate.

She was interviewed on This Morning and laughed at her past mistakes with Holly and Philip, who probably hadn’t seen her in a few months. This time round, she was a lot less condescending and any viewer who could find fault with her during that interview would be being extremely pedantic.

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