Kiddle: Google for Kids

Yep, Kiddle. A recently launched search engine designed to filter out anything you wouldn’t want your child to see.

From parents everywhere we hear a sigh of relief, as no longer will they look through their child’s iPad and see ‘boobs’ in the search history, or Miley Cyrus. (I’ll be honest, I’m not sure which would be worse.)

The opening page is a rather cute take on Google’s opening screen. There’s a search bar, with a background resembling Mars and a robot that looks like he left the oven on.

It even uses Google safe search, which we all know was a pest in schools when trying to find the best memes.

But even so, the platform does what it says on the tin.

It even goes so far to block ‘poop’. Seriously, look!


Well, at least we know it works.

It’s a useful little tool if you want to control what your children are exposed to on the interwebs.

Sadly, it doesn’t filter out everything.