Kids Drawn to Unhealthy Food TV Adverts

8 July 2014

By Yasmine

Adverts in the UK for foods, which are high in fat, sugar and salt are not allowed to be aimed at children under the age of 16. But according to a study carried out by Archives of Disease in Childhood, it shows children are actually being directed towards unhealthy food.

Adverts from Skittles to McDonald’s are everywhere, from billboards to TV screens. According to the study, 48% of food appearances on TV are of the unhealthy variety, with foods such as chocolate and crisps and sugary drinks making plenty of appearances.

With TV being the most popular pastime for kids, it’s no wonder the young are picking up on the adverts and seeking more unhealthy options. Children’s charities and health authorities are keen to see the government ban junk food TV adverts until after 9pm.

Happy salad, kids.


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