Personally, I always like to defend the children of today when people say that they’re all spoiled and lazy, but after hearing about “bonus birthdays”, I fear that the older generation may have hit the nail on the head with some kids. Apparently this has been going on for some time now, but I’ve only just had the misfortune of discovering about it a few weeks ago.

A bonus birthday is where all siblings get gifts even though it’s only one of their birthdays. According to the Daily Mail, 45% of kids have 2+ birthdays a year because of this. Now most reasonable people will spot a few issues with this ridiculous concept.

Too many people (not just kids)  have a mentality that everything revolves around them. People need to learn that it’s not always about them. Watch your sibling open their presents, sing ‘Happy Birthday’, have a slice of cake, then move on and wait for your own. You don’t need to be rewarded for existing. On your birthday, your siblings will do the same. Why is it that people can’t accept that there are going to be a few days a year where it isn’t all about them?

The only person’s birthday you should receive presents on aside from your own is Jesus’.

If every generation is getting more spoiled than the last, it’s because of parents deciding that their little darlings should never be left out, not even on someone else’s birthday. I just can’t believe that this is a thing. Part of the joy of birthdays is knowing that you waited a whole year for your special day and wondering if your parents have bought you any of the things you circled in the Argos catalogue.

You’re being set up for failure if you’re allowed to grow up not expecting to ever be left out of anything. If you’re ever picked last in P.E., don’t get a job you applied for or aren’t invited somewhere, you will take the rejection a lot easier if you can understand that sometimes you don’t get things even if some people do.

Perhaps the reason why people say young people are “never happy/satisfied” is because of parents forcing it down their throats that they should always expect more than they’re entitled to.