Last Say on the Switch

With actual quotes from you, the people.

With the release date imminent, and the launch line-up set, it’s time we had a last say on the Nintendo Switch.

We got our first proper look at it at Pax, and a bunch of YouTubers got to try it out. Check out the video below for ProJared’s thoughts on the console.

We did a little bit of investigating, and it turns out, at Game at the Metrocentre in Gateshead, and in Newcastle, Eldon Square, said that almost all of their units of the console had gone rather quickly, due to the amount of pre-orders.

We talked to a few people in the local area, to see what they thought.

Callam Healey, 20, is an avid Xbox One owner and like everyone, owned a Wii when it came out over 10 years ago. We asked him about the upcoming release and whether it captivated his interest or not.

How do you think the Switch will perform?

Well, with the Wii, everyone bought one, used it for a month then the entertainment was lost. Nintendo has a very niche consumer base, due to most games being platformers.

So what kind of games do you prefer?

While I don’t mind a good platform game, I still like to play my RPGs and FPS games.

So would you say a lack of those kinds of titles has put you off buying the console?

Pretty much; there are just a wider variety of titles across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


With the Xbox One and PS4 boasting a rather large selection of games on their stores and in physical form, it’s understandable why people like Callam would be hesitant to switch consoles. (See what I did there?)

But, the Switch has an ace in its hand. It’s portable. We asked H Salisbury, 19, who has played on a 3DS for a number of years now, what she thought of the upcoming release.

Does the fact that you can take the console anywhere give Nintendo a leg up on other companies, given that the only other handheld device on the market at the moment is the PSVita?

Possibly? That’s what I loved about my 3DS. The only reason I don’t use it so much now is not having the space at university to keep everything here so my consoles are all at home. I do love the whole hand held gaming device idea.

Do you think the lack of launch titles has put people off buying the console?

Yeah I think so, but then the love for Zelda would easily convince people. I was considering it just for Zelda and until I realised it would be a waste of money, even if I really want the new Zelda.

If they improved the game line-up, or dropped the price, would that sway your opinion?

If they had a better game line up I think it would be more convincing depending on the price of the games. But I would most likely wait for the console price to drop because the price will definitely drop ‘cause everything they release does the same.


So there we have it. The Switch will be out on 3rd March, and then we will see whether it’s a revival of Nintendo’s console footing, or history repeating itself.