Let’s Keep This Short

So the Presidential debate was last night. The first of three.

The two candidates, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald J Trump, hashed out (or at least one of them did) their plans and policies for when they would be president. Hillary put on a strong front, firmly confirming and reaffirming what she had done and what she was going to do during her four years in the White House.

Trump, on the other hand, repeated the same sort of words and facts over and over, as well as denying pretty much all of the awful stuff he has said over the past year or so. It seems he forgot the internet existed in this case. Let’s look at some of the key points during the debate.

On jobs, Hillary had the plan of making sure everyone is on the same playing field. Saying she could “close corporate loopholes”, in order to sustain a fair economy. Rather noble. Trump, however, imposed a tax cut for businesses, big and small, of up to 30%. This, according to the Guardian, would inevitably contribute to the wealth of wealthiest of the chain, and “fewer regulations” would give larger corporations the ability to move more freely in their transactions. But also leaves a heck of a lot of room for some shady deals.

On the topic of energy afterwards, Clinton raised the point that Trump had once tweeted, in sincerity:

He claimed he “did not say that.” Which is an obvious lie – further showing the extent of his mental gymnastics to remove himself from the idiocy he has clearly expressed in the past.

Hillary also brought up the fact that Trump was a firm supporter of the US’s Iraq invasion. Obviously the businessman denied this. Which is also wrong.

In a radio interview, he endorsed the invasion by answering host Howard Stern, “yeah, I guess so” after he was asked whether the US should attack Saddam Hussein. Weeks later, he then told Fox News that George W Bush was “doing a very good job”. After the invasion, however, Trump doubled back on his word, like many did, saying: “The war’s a mess”. But it keeps going.

In August 2004, he spoke to Esquire:

“Two minutes after we leave, there’s going to be a revolution, and the meanest, toughest, smartest, most vicious guy will take over.”

In short, Hillary had the most concise answers. She was thorough in her deliverance, despite being chastised by the man across the stage, and repeatedly ensured her points were made.

She would have our vote.

Well. That wasn’t short at all, was it?