Lib Dem Leader For Next PM?

I know we’re in the period of saying that anything is possible when it comes to politics, but the new(ish) Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has gone too far.

In an interview on Sunday, Cable said that it is “perfectly plausible” that he could be the next PM, despite the fact that in June’s general election, the Liberal Democrats’ share of the vote went down to 7.4%.

Considering most people don’t even know who Vince Cable is, this new claim does provide some much-needed humour to the political debate this week. (Although to be fair to politicians, their humour has been pretty good recently: Donald Trump’s tweet calling Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’ also made me laugh out loud.)

While we all said the same thing about Jeremy Corbyn and his chances of getting into power, Cable would have to pull something almost stratospheric to get the top job. Not least because the last Lib Dem PM was in 1916.

In theory, Cable is right – he could be the PM. But, in theory, so could most people in this country.

Nice try, Vince. And thanks for the laugh.