Like Kids on the Playground

The fact that two world leaders are mere insults away from ‘yo momma’ jokes is unsurprising, to say the least. We aren’t sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing.

In case you didn’t watch Trump’s speech at the UN the other, we’d suggest reading this article by yours truly, to really come to grips with how little anyone respects history’s least favourite POTUS. These terms have all been used in a back and forth battle of words between the POTUS and Kim Jong-un.

  • Bereft of reason
  • Mentally deranged
  • Rocket Man
  • Madman on the loose
  • Dotard

This disagreement, of sorts, comes about as North Korea simply won’t stop with the missile tests. Trump has been flexing what muscle he has, claiming if this continues they would be met ‘with fire and fury’.

The very fact that this verbal battle could at any point get so heated one of them presses the big red button that dooms us all is terrifying; however, this is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Trump supporters recently burned their own caps, after he was allegedly in talks with Democrats to smooth out immigration policies. For once he was in the news for doing something that wasn’t inherently stupid or evil.

Personally, I think both leaders need some time out. Then they can get to play with their Lego. But they must share.