Live Review: Morain

6 March 2014

By Yasmine

Morain, a four piece indie rock band from Wakefield, performed at Newcastle University on February 16th as support for Alexander.

Generally, when you buy tickets to see a live performance, you aren’t too interested in the supporting act. However, with Morain, it is guaranteed that you will listen to every song, instead of spending the first an hour stood by the bar having a chat. With an upbeat sound that is easy to dance and sing along to, the band will grasp your attention from the minute you hear them.

Wil, Jim, Sam and Jamie started the night off with ‘Animals,’ seemingly one of their most known songs from the audience participation. They then went on to sing five other songs, including ‘Strangers’ and ‘Are We Lost,’ but not forgetting ‘Who Would’ve Known,’ their latest single. With great vocals and good music, what else could you want?

Although there could have been a greater turn out on the night, with only two thirds of the room being filled, it is clear that the band already have a great fan base and can go on to do some amazing things in the future. Watch out for them.


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