Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last swing as Wolverine, is said to have a post-credit scene, so you may want to keep your butts seated when you go see it. This comes from Collider, though we have no word on what will be in the scene.

Critics have already seen the film, and the reviews are incredibly positive. It has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and IGN gave it a 9.7, if numbers mean anything to you.

Sandy Schaefer, from Screen Rant, said:

X-Men movie franchise connections aside, Logan is a grisly and sombre character drama that sends on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine on a high note.”

And Owen Gleiberman, from Variety, said:

“Doesn’t try to be a shoot-the-works, how-crazy-are-his-powers grand finale. It’s a scruffy dystopian road Western that takes its time in a way that most slam-bang superhero movies don’t.”

The hype is real.

Just 12 more days.

Sobbing imminent.