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14 July 2014

By Bronwen

Just when it seemed like the Loom band situation wouldn’t get any worse… it did. It got much worse actually.


While many of us don’t understand the attraction to tiny little coloured rubber bands, the children of the world are going absolutely wild. The situation has escalated so much that a dress made from Loom Bands has reached bids of up to £170,000! The dress cost £47 to make but could be sold for the price of a standard 2 bedroom house.


However, it’s not all well and good in the Loom Band kingdom. The mother of a boy who was temporarily blinded after being hit in the eye with the elastic toy strives to have them banned. Another boy almost lost his fingers when he fell asleep with the bands wrapped tightly around his fingers. A petition has been set up to have them banned, but this has received a lot of backlash.


People argue that Loom Bands should not be the ones that we get rid of but instead, we should be questioning the parents who clearly aren’t watching their kids closely enough to prevent these kinds of injuries.


But on the bright side, Loom Bands inspire kids to express their creative sides and is generally a harmless hobby that today’s school children will think of fondly in years to come.


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