Amena Khan

A UK beauty blogger said she is delighted to be part of the ‘game-changing’ L’Oreal advert, which features her wearing a headscarf.

Amena Khan is the first woman to wear a hijab in a mainstream ad campaign for hair care. She told Newsbeat:

‘It’s a platform for diverse voices and women who don’t fit the very narrow mould of beauty.’

She has hopes that the campaign will help empower young women.

Amena features alongside other women and celebrities, including Cheryl Tweedy and Dougie Poynter. The message that the advert conveys would be that you care for your hair for you. Too often people mistake personal pampering as an attempt to show off. Sometimes we just want to smell nice.


Safe to say, the media is buzzing about it. Much like her phone.

The beauty blogger hopes that the inclusion of someone who wears a headscarf will give young women who wear them a sense of ‘belonging, acceptance and being seen’. Too often tradition beauty marketing leaves out the majority. We can’t all have our hair down, have clean skin, or nice hair.

Advertising has developed over decades, adding new walks of life and people to ads. Pepsi was one of the first to introduce African American appeal in the 1940s. It wasn’t until the 1970s that advertisers tried to cash in on black America. In ’72, Kodak used a black Santa Claus to advertise their new pocket camera.

Diversity is great. The more people that are represented the better. A definite step in the right direction from L’Oreal.

Even if their no more tears shampoo is all lies.

Maybe Dove could take a page from this book.