It comes as no surprise that EA dropped the ball when it comes to Titanfall 2.

EA has now finally admitted that sales for the game were lacklustre at best. They acknowledged that the game did not sell up to the company’s expectations, given that it was launched directly after their other massive game, Battlefield 1.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during an earnings call that the game sold fewer copies than the company expected. But he did not share any specific sales numbers. And I wouldn’t expect to see those numbers anytime soon, as EA is slowly backing away from talking about sales.

CEO of EA Andrew Wilson added that the company has a “great relationship” with the other developer Respawn. He also said that EA anticipates the game to sell for a few more years to come, given its high quality.

When asked for details as to why the game underperformed, Wilson marked it to timing. With Titanfall 2 sandwiched between Call of Duty and Battlefield, it’s unsurprising to see it underperformed. However, the CEO said that underperformance might be the wrong word for the game. He pointed out that Battlefield 4, released in 2013, had a slow start but went on to sell millions.

The difference here would be that Battlefield 4 on launch was a buggy piece of crap. It was only after various updates and content patches that people began to buy in.

EA management suggested that last year that Titanfall 2 didn’t sell so well in the beginning, but, that the game was supposed to sell in the long term, rather than the first week of sales.

Which seems to be the way to do it. Plus the fact that all the updates and expansions will be free (as far as we can tell).

If you’re torn between Titanfall 2 and BF1, chose the one with giant mechs. Although to be fair, the amount of inaccuracies in BF1 it wouldn’t be surprising if mechs were in it.

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