Mad Max Prequel in the Works?

Oh so many car puns.

After the screeching success of Mad Max: Fury Road, it would appear that the franchise is accelerating towards another film at some point soon according to George Miller.

There has been little talk of Mad Max since the few rumours we heard last year in December which said that two sequels were planned, but apparently, pre-production has begun in Australia. The Herald Sun said that Miller is revving up to making a film centred on Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa, who was arguably the main character in the first film.

It reads:

“Pre-production is gearing up on the multi-million-dollar action-packed Warner Bros franchise, with NSW’s Broken Hill Studios Miller’s first choice for shooting, which could start as soon as later this year.

“Mad Max Fury Road was plagued by delays when extended rain turned the desert green and the uber-director had to move location to Namibia. The [new] script is said to focus on the backstory of Furiosa, played by Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.”

Miller and Warner have yet to comment on this.

Miller did say, however, that while there may have been plans to do a more films, he would need a break before attempting another one. He told Top Gear last year:

“We shot Fury Road for eight months–that’s a lot. Every day in the heat and the dust, doing these stunts, it’s very wearing. We’ve got two more planned, but at some point in the future.”

Mad Max was a fantastic film, and we’d certainly recommend racing through our review to see our verdict.