Make-Up 101: Colour Rush

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17 June 2014

By Lauren H

If you want a long lasting lip balm that sparks out a vibrant colour no matter what, then Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Colour Rush is the one for you. With 7 shades to choose from, you will easily find the one that suits you.

This is a great product, which most definitely does what it says. The balm lasts for hours on end, and barely fades even when you drink or eat. In fact, unless you do a lot of kissing beforehand then it will probably stay on all night! It is great at keeping your lips moisturised and it doesn’t dry up, showing any cracks on your lips that may appear after a while, as many lipsticks seem to do.

The only negative about this is that it can only really be applied fully to the lips, as it has a large crayon-like end, as opposed small one that can be used for both full lip coverage and the outer lip. Although, if you are looking for full coverage then this is the ideal product – and it’s not too expensive! This can be bought from most stores or online at around £5.

So, what are you waiting for? Get buying!



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