Makeup Free Selfies Dominate Facebook

19 March 2014

By Yasmine

Many females and surprisingly males, have took to Facebook in the last 24 hours to upload a makeup free selfie in order to raise awareness of cancer. Each girl can nominate as many other women as they want, to be brave and take a natural, no makeup selfie. Although money is not being raised for the selfies being taken, it raises awareness and has given some women a confidence boost.

More awareness was starting to circulate after 19 year old Sophie Jones from Liverpool, died from cervical cancer on Saturday morning after being refused a potentially lifesaving smear test because she was too young. Over 46,000 people have signed the Sophie’s Choice petition online for the age of smear tests to be lowered to 16 years old as recommended age at the moment is 25 and over.

The selfies have trended quicker than the not-so-clever neknominates, meaning not only are you taking a harmless selfie and raising the awareness of cancer, but you don’t have to drink a fish, vomit or need to be hospitalised.

So I nominate you! You have 24 hours.


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