Manchester has defeated Bieber

Last night Justin Bieber dropped his mic and stormed off the stage at his performance in Manchester stadium due to ‘screaming fans’. The singer complained that it was ‘unnecessary’ when he was trying to talk and was met by boos as he asked them to stop shouting.

The star’s career began at a young age and has gone through peaks and troughs over the past couple of years, and this display seems a perfect illustration of the fact he needs taking down a peg or two. It seems awfully like the behaviour of a spoilt brat, considering those people had paid a disproportionate amount of money to see a boy star whose career should really have ended five years ago when the novelty ran out, but has inexplicably gone from strength to strength. He is a perfect example of how pop culture is dead. We lost the war and it’s all over. Sorry kids, we might as well pack up and go home, because the very best the pop industry has to offer is Justin Bieber, the very crème de la crème, and even the people who would pay to see him would rather scream until their ears bleed than actually listen to him speak.

Needless to say, I don’t like Justin Bieber. To be frank, I’d love for him to have to crawl back to the USA on his hands and knees, begging for mercy because the UK have torn him to shreds, and revealed his career to be the sham that it is. So, well done Manchester – the first battle of the war is won: UK-1, Bieber – 0.