This comes just after he helped lead the team to victory against Russia. Sampson has been sacked on the grounds of ‘inappropriate and unacceptable’ behaviour with female players in a previous role.

The Football Association has said that it was made fully aware of the safeguarding issues surround Sampson in 2014 when he was the manager for Bristol Academy. An assessment in 2015, conducted by the FA, found he did not pose a risk.

England won the match against Russia 6-0

He was also cleared of any wrongdoing following allegations of discrimination toward Chelsea and England striker Eniola Aluko.

In a statement the FA said:

“The full report of that [2014] investigation was only brought to the attention of the current FA leadership last week. It is our judgement that it revealed clear evidence of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour by a coach. It is on this basis that we have acted quickly to agree to a termination of Mark’s contract.”

Women in Sport has released a statement on the matter:

Sampson hasn’t commented yet, which speaks volumes.

His former players are tweeting about everything other than this, however.

Either trying to ignore the fact their former manager was a b**p, or they simply don’t care enough that he was. Either way, I’m sure that the replacement will be a better fit.