McDonald’s Put A Stop to Speculation

14 October 2014

By Yasmine

McDonald’s have decided to put an end to all the rumours about how they make their food. A US McDonald’s factory took part in a TV documentary to silence all myths.

The biggest fast food chain has been hurt by years of bad publicity after rumours circulated that ‘pink slime’ was made to make the world famous burgers and chicken nuggets.

A news crew from Good Morning America went to the McDonald’s Californian food plant to televise what goes on behind closed doors. The cameras witnessed the firm process 400,000 pounds of meat per day and it was proof that all burger patties are, in fact, 100 percent pure beef.

McDonald’s thought it was time to prove people wrong as they have a huge reputation to protect, having 35,000 restaurants worldwide. The hamburger chain have started up the ‘Our Food. Your Questions’ Campaign, so customers questions, comments and concerns can be addressed directly by the company.

Well played McDonald’s.

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