Mental Health Funds Boosted

26 March 2015

By Lauren E. White

In the run-up to May’s General Election, it is vital that parties and their leaders listen to what the public want from them. With that in mind, it has been announced that children’s mental health funding will be given that all-important boost in order to make an equal level of funding between that of children’s MH and adult’s MH funding.

From April, the government have said that groups offering mental health support to children will be given a £4.8 million ‘top-up grant’ in 2015-16 in a bid to address the growing issue of children’s mental health.

The announcement makes history as it is the first time that organisations have been eligible for a share of the government’s £25 million voluntary and community sector grants. This act of kindness has been praised with children’s mental health charity Young Minds’ chief executive Sarah Brennan saying that the funding would become a ‘vital lifeline’ to families with children suffering from mental illness.

Young Minds has been awarded £300,000 in order to support its helpline for parents who are ‘struggling’ with the concept of supporting their children with mental health disorders.

With one in ten children suffering with a mental health disorder (that’s around three children in every classroom), the funding plans are essential in helping combat both stigma and treatment surrounding mental illness in our society.

The grants from the government are designed to support the work of organisations that make a difference to children and their families – making sure that parents and children are getting the help and dedicated support that they desperately need.

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