Mercury Prize – Jungle

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18 September 2014

By NEBeep


Artist- Josh-Lloyd Watson and Tom McFarland.
Label – XL
Released – 14th July 2014

Facts about Jungle:
– They initially hid their name and faces and called themselves J and T.
– Jungle released their single ‘The Heat’ on 21st October 2013 through Chess Club Recorder.
– In December 2013 Jungle were nominated for BBC’s sound of 2014 prize. The group
played at South, by Southwest in Texas March 2014 and at the Glastonbury
festival in June 2014.
-The two members Josh and Tom have been friends since the age of 9 and were
neighbours growing up in the West of London.
– In 2010/2011 they were part of a band called Born Blonde.



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