A former MI6 officer has gone into hiding after it was reported that he established compromising audiotapes of President-elect Donald Trump.

It was suggested earlier in the week that his election team were in cahoots with Russia in an attempt to bring down – or, in Russia’s case, manipulate – his Presidency if elected.

The MI6 officer, who has been publicly named but will not be in this article, was sent to work in the UK’s embassy in Moscow and now owns an intelligence consultancy business. The officer is thought to have left home on Tuesday or Wednesday, before any media outlets published any personal details. A neighbour was asked to care for the officer’s pet cats, according to the BBC.

The memos allegedly include film of Mr Trump with female prostitutes in a suite at Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

In true Trump style, the president-elect said the claims were “fake news” and “phoney stuff” in his first media conference since his election victory was announced in January. This scandal comes after Russia was accused of hacking the election in favour of the business tycoon.

If one thing is certain, this is as close to a real James Bond as you’re going to get.