Midweek Blues

Having a bad week? Or just a slow morning? Well…we’ve got something for ya.

In response to Leicester wining the Premiere League, our dear PM has put out a tweet in support of the win.

And of course, everyone jumped on him like moths to a posh flame.

Since his favoured club Aston Villa were relegated mid-April, and he said nothing, it’s odd he would pipe up now. When asked, however, a spokesman said:

“The Prime Minister, like many Villa fans, is disappointed and [the club] now need to focus on next season and turning it around”.

Despite this, many have jumped on the bandwagon to tell dear Cameron he knows nothing about sports:

And they surely didn’t let him forget the time he forgot who he actually supported.


Dear David,

From football fans and non-football fans everywhere, just stop.


Yours Sincerely,