Midweek Blues

From crisps to Helen Mirren dragging Ivanka Trump’s take on feminism, it’s a Midweek Blues mash-up!

To start, you ever read something so wrong you exhale like a dolphin that’s just been made to pick up four cards in a row in Uno? Well, someone decided to stir the proverbial Twitter outrage pot with their ranking of crisps in the UK. Safe to say, some viewers may find this offensive.


Boy, people were miffed.

Kettle Chips were pleased with themselves, however:

Yeah well, Kettle Chips are £2.50 for a big bag, Sensations are quid. That’s all I need to know.

Speaking of salt, Helen Mirren has it in buckets for the POTUS’ daughter herself, Ivanka, after Mirren called out the ridiculous way Ivanka presents her case for feminism. Meaning it’s as far removed from feminism as you could get. I mean are you surprised? She has an office in the White House because daddy became the world’s worst president. (No seriously, he is actually the worst).

Helen Mirren is an outspoken feminist, but the kind that everyone should stand for. The kind that empowers you, no matter who you are, to stand for women and their right to equality. For women to feel safe in their own homes, and to get paid the same, good Lord is it that difficult?

Here’s what she had to say:

“[Ivanka] talks a good game, but there’s no substance. Her book is so ignorant about how the majority of women live, talking about ‘Make time for yourself to have a massage.’ Puh-lease.”

She’s like everyone’s really cool grandmother who would happily start beef for the sake of having beef.

Well, there you have it, two for the price of one.

Oh, Taylor Swift won her court case as well which is pretty rad.