Miley Does It Again

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3 January 2014

By Bronwen

The internet’s most infamous pop star strikes again, after releasing the video for Adore You last week.

The song is slow and heartfelt, but the video is just…. Let’s just say it’s on par with We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball. The 4 minute clip features Miley in a bed with a video camera and yet again the thing that our attention is drawn to is not the song, but the inappropriate and unsuccessful attempts at being seductive (or whatever she’s trying to do).

Cyrus basically lies there and touches… places… and slides her hands down certain articles of clothing… It’s just cringy and hard to watch, as told by the people who left comments.





The funny thing is we heard the song before the video came out and thought that it was a good song, which it is. It’s deep and moving and touching (sorry about the pun) and it is actually sang pretty well. But yet again another good song has been corrupted by the video.

No one is going to be discussing the song; they’ll be discussing the video.



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