Miliband Turns Pink

26 February 2015

By Lauren E. White

It’s safe to say that Labour leader Ed Miliband has not had the best publicity when it comes to him being a  credible possibility for the role of Prime Minister. However it only got worse when he launched Labour’s bright pink van encouraging women to vote for his party.

With the slogan ‘woman to woman’ plastered on the sides of the van, we take a look at the three fundamentally wrong issues with Miliband’s failed attempt at targeting women voters in the run up to the general election:

  1. The fist issue with the pink van is that it clearly stereotypes women simply with its colour. For years the colour pink has been associated with women and Miliband’s campaign insults us representing that all of us love pink. Of course we do, we’re women! While there’s nothing wrong with women liking pink, it’s wrong of someone to tar us with the same brush.
  2. The second problem with the pink van is the message it gives to women. Forget the policies of Labour, just go for the pretty colour. Miliband is influencing women to simply vote Labour because they appear to ‘care’ about women and their votes… but they don’t explain their policies, instead just leave us guessing with a bright pink van to show for it.
  3. The final problem with the pink van is simply its existence. Why should women have to be specifically targeted in such a way? Instead of driving a Barbie bus around, Miliband should be making plans to put more women into his cabinet, offering women more jobs in significant positions and encouraging employers to help empower women to the same level as men.

Dear Ed, we don’t need a pink van, we need plans, proof and policies. Sincerely, the women of Britain excluding Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harmon who appears to feel this is a great way of targeting women as she poses in the picture above.

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