23 April 2015

By Lauren E. White

It is no secret that Ed Miliband has faced scrutiny from the moment he became leader of the Labour Party back in 2010, but it seems as though there is a backlash. Despite Miliband claiming that he is ‘not bothered’ by  the hounding he receives from Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids, his new-found fans certainly are.

All of this came about yesterday when Twitter users began to check the worldwide trends on the social networking site only to discover that ‘#Milifandom’ was the number one trend. Of course, everyone thought this was a joke at first, but then when Ed Miliband himself acknowledged those in the ‘Milifandom’, it was evident that these fanatics were deadly serious.

This is what he said in a trilogy of tweets to his avid fan: ‘@Ed_Miliband:  Hi Abby – Delighted that you’ve joined Labour, welcome.’, ‘@Ed_Miliband:  It’s good to hear young people who care about politics speaking up for the things they believe in.’ and ‘@Ed_Miliband:  There’s a lot at stake at this election for young people. I hope more young people will join you & get involved. ‘.

The fandom was started by a 17-year-old AS-level student named Abby. She decided that enough was enough when it came to Murdoch and his heinous headlines about the politician. So, when Abby decided she wanted to start the Milifandom, she knew it had to be big, but didn’t actually expect the response from all over the UK she’d get.

Alex Shilling (@alexshilling) said this: ‘Has to be said though, the teenagers on make more cogent and intelligent arguments about politics than a lot of people my age (23.)’ while another Twitter user said: ‘And ‘s statements about why she’s created just make me ADORE the teens of this country. Smart, engaged, hilarious.’

Whether or not you think Miliband himself is Prime Minister material, he definitely has the backing of many of the younger voters and that could make all the difference.

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