Love Island finished earlier this week and has left us with nothing to do when it hits 9pm these days. Though it seems that horrid Twitter and Instagram trolls have found a way of busying themselves – by harassing star Molly-Mae Hague who placed second in last Monday’s final.

Molly-Mae, who was coupled up with boxer Tommy Fury for most of the ITV 2 reality show, is just 19-years-old and, according to reports, has had to hire a bodyguard 24/7 due to death threats and online abuse. While Love Island announced earlier this year that it would be helping its contestants deal with the newfound pressures of fame, this should in no way include death threats and extreme trolling.


Imagine being a 19-year-old woman kept away from the world for two months in which your life changes beyond recognition, only to come home and have to basically go into hiding. That is what the vile trolls have done to Molly-Mae, whose presence on social media has always been prominent – even before she went on the show.

This trolling has gone way too far – and it’s all uncalled for. Molly-Mae was one of the most unproblematic contestants on this year’s Love Island, and it seems as though people have simply jumped on a hate-filled bandwagon against her.

And, funnily enough, I’d say most of it comes from a bit of sexism on her fellow contestant Anton Danyluk’s part. Anton, who was ‘pied off’ for most of the show, had originally wanted to couple up with Molly-Mae. When she picked boxer Tommy over him, it didn’t take long for him to start spreading rumours about the YouTube star.


Anton, a Scottish gym owner who was coupled up with Londoner Belle, started questioning whether Molly was “genuine” in her affection towards Tommy. After that, Twitter’s ‘Love Island’ tag was filled with comments about Molly being “fake”, calling her ‘Money Mae’.

As if Molly, who had already gotten sponsorship deals from fashion brands prior to heading into the villa, needs the £50k anyway.

If you ask me, all of this trolling has come about as a result of Anton being petty. He has caused a rift of hatred towards Molly for no reason at all, other than that she hurt his pride.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people would realise words do hurt? Especially after two former Love Island contestants have taken their lives after their departure from the show in recent years.