Movie: Ex Machina

25 February 2015

By Annie

How well does our technology know us?

Ex Machina transports us into the future where we meet young computer programmer Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) who wins a prestigious trip to the owner of his company’s home/laboratory, where he will come face to face with a beautiful android named Ava (Alicia Vikander). Her intelligence will be put to the test by the lucky winner, who gets more than he bargained for from the week he spent alongside the gentle machine. The obnoxious Nathan (Oscar Isaac), millionaire head of Blue Book (the most thriving search engine in the world) introduces Caleb to a complex world of artificial intelligence and asks him just what elements qualify a human?

As time wears on, Caleb begins to see that Nathan’s intentions are not as friendly as he previously claimed. Can Caleb make the link between the booming industry of smartphones, which absorb every piece of data you type in, and the rapport between him and Ava? This exceptionally classic sci-fi embodies our fears of the future and warns us of the dangers of allowing technology to rule our lives.  An aggressive twist arises which sees the naive programmer take on a titan in the name of real love, paired with an utterly jaw-dropping ending render this film one of the best of this century.

Screenwriter/director Alex Garland, take a bow!

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