Movie Review- Chef

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6 January 2015

By Lauren H

A film based simply on food: it may not be everyone’s idea of entertainment, but Chef has certainly performed better than predicted.

When Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) becomes fed up with producing the same menu over and over, on top of a harsh review from a renowned critic, an interesting storyline develops, proving that not all films have to follow the same typical plot. Travelling across American with his son, the chef realises how important it is to embrace life to the full, whilst achieving the unexpected in his industry.

This is undoubtedly a feel-good film, which will make you eager to cook something up for yourself. With a great script, and an even better cast, it is definitely worth going to see if you need uplifting.

Although there is only so long you can watch someone prepare sandwiches in a refurbished truck before you get a bit bored and tired of it.


Rating: 3/5


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