Movie Review: Cuban Fury

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24 April 2014

By Lauren H

Cuban Fury tells the story of Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) a man who was once a famous Latin dancer as a child, with his sister Sam (Olivia Colman) by his side. The prodigy was coached by Ron Parfitt (Ian McShane) to a point of perfection, until bullies tore down his determination and made him believe that ‘Salsa is for pussies’! Years later, now a shy, lazy engineer, he attempts a comeback, but this time it’s not for his career – of course, there’s always a girl involved.

This is undoubtedly an enjoyable, laugh-out-loud comedy that captures the hearts of viewers, in the hope that the boy gets the girl. There is some great casting in this film, from the noticeably great comic Nick Frost to Chris O’Dowd playing the work office bully and even Kayvan Novak, who plays the hilariously camp dancer, Bejan, who befriends Bruce.

However, as with many romantic comedies, the plot is predictable, resulting in an occasional lack of engagement from the audience. Despite this, this is still a comedy worth going to see.

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