Movie Review: Whiplash

18 January 2015

By Lilly

Miles Teller gives the performance of his career in this stunning betrayal of one man’s journey to musical greatness. Directed by Damien Chazelle and co-starring J.k Simmons, whiplash is a literal representation of the cut throat industry hundreds of musical hopefuls face today. Homing in on drumming prodigy Andrew Neiman, the film depicts the torturously acute relationship between a young artist and his College jazz band conductor, Terrence Fletcher.

Simmons plays the narcissistic invigilator, combing through his mass of elite music talents with a fine pick until percussion hopeful Andrew puts a spanner in the works. Driven to the point of madness, this 19 year old will stop at nothing to go down as a musical great.

That said, Whiplash is by no means a ‘musical’. It’s a high tempo drama with all the heart racing, pain staking potential to appeal to a mass audience. The lead role is presented in an almost prisoner- of-war like manner, kept hostage in a resentful camp of idealistic masters and envious predecessors. Facing an astonishing amount of blood, unnatural amounts of sweat and a fair amount of irate tears this college boy is drumming for his life.

Picking up countless awards including best motion picture of the year and best supporting role for J.K Simmons, what started as a 3 million dollar indie production became a prominent player in last year’s movie repertoire and an original take on heart-wrenching drama.

The film is currently being shown at Tyneside Cinema, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle.

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