Yes, it’s that time of the month. Let’s have a look at some of the upcoming movies set for release this month.

The Girl on the Train – Emily Blunt, who stole the show in Sicario, plays Rachel, who spends her daily commute daydreaming of another life, one where she isn’t divorced and is still happily married. One day, she sees something she wasn’t supposed to, and is plunged into a mystery that unfolds before her. Might be worth a watch. Sicario passed under the radar for a lot of people, unfortunately, so it’d be good to see her be amazing in something else.

The Accountant – Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff, a maths enthusiast who has more affiliation with numbers than people. Wolff works as a freelance accountant for some rather lucrative and dangerous criminal organisations. As Ray King, played by J.K. Simmons, from the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division begins to close in, the accountant takes on a legitimate role. But things get tense, as he and accounting clerk played by Anna Kendrick discover something they shouldn’t have.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Tom Cruise is back for another dive into the thrilling and action-packed world of Jack Reacher. We return to Jack as he is making his way to his old military base, to take a woman who is now the commanding officer on a date. But, when he arrives, he has been framed for pummelling a man and fathering a child. Nothing he can’t fix with some clever thinking, and his fists. The first Jack Reacher movie was well received, and many fans of the books will be hankering for more.

Kevin Hart: What Now?: Kevin Hart takes to the stage once more as the first comedian to ever play a show to an at-capacity football stadium. Hart is currently filming Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black. Might be worth a few laughs. His stand up’s way better than his acting at least.

And that’s about it this month. Strange, it’s the month of Halloween and there are approximately zero horror films to get excited about. Oh well.

Until next month!