Movies This Month

Welcome back to Movies This Month! While literally the only movie anyone is raving about is The Avengers later in April, we still have a collective list of all the movies headed to a big screen near you. Unless you’re reading this from space. Then…sorry about that.

We’ll be honest there aren’t a lot of movies scheduled for this month other than Infinity War. So, like we often do, we’ll squeeze in a few game releases too.

On 6th April, we have yet another throwaway horror, starring the guy who played Jim in the American Office. It will also star Emily Blunt, as they are attacked by monsters who are sensitive to sound. If you want to know more, have a read here.

Next up, Rampage, on 13th April. Starring everyone’s favourite Rock, Dwayne Johnson will (hopefully) be enough for this video game adaption to be worth watching. Other than that, it’s a generic monster mash movie. But monsters of the tall, smashing, roaring variety. Not the dancing kind.

Lastly, we have the most anticipated Marvel movie yet. Seeing to cram every hero into one movie, Infinity War will mark a place in movie history and probably go down as one of the most ambitious movie feats in recent years. Prepare your butts for 27th April.

While it may already be out, consider this an endorsement for you to pick up Far Cry 5. The game came out on 27th March and a review is underway. However, that being said, given the 14 or so hours that we’ve played so far, it is definitely worth a purchase.

Also, Final Fantasy 15 is finally available on PC, in the Royal Edition on Steam if you fancy picking it up. We’ve heard it’s rather good.

Until next time on Movies This Month!