Munich Proved Disappointing in Culinary Terms

14 July 2014

By James

Munich proved disappointing in culinary terms. It is certainly a pleasant city, green and well-heeled, no-one is denying that, but it leaves something to be desired with regard to solid sustenance. It is not the fact that there are approximately five restaurants in the whole of the Marienplatz (the functional centre of the city) that proves so disheartening, and nor is it the fact that a wonderful potential space for an eatery is occupied by an FC Bayern München fan shop (sorry, football fans: food should always come before pleasure), but the ludicrous size of the local McDonalds and the patronage it receives. In few other places have I seen one of these monstrosities on three separate storeys, and in few other places have I seen one occupying such an excellent location. One cannot very much enter the Marienplatz through the pedestrian entrance without sighting this palace of calorific decadence under the golden arches.

I will confess to having found one excellent restaurant in the Marienplatz, but not for want of searching. It is just a shame that the restaurant I did find was not an independent entity but belonged to a nation-wide chain of Argentinean restaurants. Maredo is located on Frauenplatz, a small side-street just off the main drag, and offers excellent service, food and atmosphere for what are decidedly reasonable prices. However, it was a sad indictment of the Marienplatz that the only restaurants there are either hugely extortionate, chain-owned or a McDonald’s.


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