Music Video: McBusted

14 January 2015

By Yasmine

McBusted have released a brand new video for their track ‘Get Over It’. The video starts with Tom Fletcher giving a harsh lecture to a little girl before sitting down in an office chair and starting a conversation with Matt Willis. Not before long the boss comes over and starts shouting in Tom’s face, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and smacks his boss in the face with a keyboard.

It then shows band members Tom, Dougie, Harry, Danny, Matt and Charlie cause mayhem in the office. With blood sweat and tears all rolled into one video, it is guaranteed to make you giggle. It all comes to an end when it shoots back to Fletcher telling his boss, calmly, that he quits his job and he walks out with a gorilla who is a co-worker. It’s best not to take the video seriously and just have as much fun as McBusted are having.

If you don’t like the track or the clip then “Get up and get over it”.

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