21 November 2017

By Kieran

There’s a popular idea circulated by fitness blogs, magazines and supplement manufacturers that the real hard work begins once your workout is finished. At this moment, the mythical 30-minute ‘window’ opens, during which an individual must endeavour to consume as much protein as humanly possible.

Such people seem to genuinely believe that such a failure to obtain protein in this time-frame renders their whole workout entirely pointless, and to these people I say: relax.

While it can certainly be beneficial to boost your body’s natural recovery process and aid in the reparation of muscles, your body isn’t The Weakest Link. You don’t have to ‘bank’ your workout with a shake to make it worthwhile.

The notion of this 30-minute window appears to imply that at the point where you lay to rest your final rep, your body sets off an internal stopwatch counting down to that magic 1800 second mark at which point, if you haven’t downed your whey milkshake, then you may as well have spent the last hour sitting at home shovelling ice cream into your face. That isn’t how biology or, indeed, time works.

In fact, more recent research states that protein isn’t even that big a deal for muscle recovery. Far better to concentrate on carbohydrates as these constitute your muscle’s fuel source rather than protein, which is essentially a building block for more muscle. It would be like your car running out of petrol and trying to fix it by adding a rear spoiler.

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